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Queenstown Lakes


It's not just about honey...

...it's about the importance of our bees who make our precious honey. 
You can look at Be. Local Honey Collective as some sort of... a union... for our hard working honeybee. And like any union we have basic wishes for our workers like good living conditions, basic health care and a fair return for their hard work!

By supporting Be. Local, you not only receive the benefits of local honey but also get to support our precious honey bees- who are essential to life anywhere on earth. 

Be Local.

Our final value, so important to us that we made it our entire brand.

Not only is buying local honey important for aiding in reducing allergies and hay fever- it is essential that communities come together to support each other no matter how big or small, just like a hive.

Knowing the honey is local means you can trust it's real, you can meet the people and see the bees behind the product. We are not secretive about our hives locations. You will see our hives in your community and will see our Be Local logo on the hives themselves. It is another way to know where your honey comes from and how it is part of the community where you live.

To ensure you are buying local, we only make our products available in the region it was sourced- and no where else. 

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