Marlborough Multi-floral Mānuka.

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Marlborough Sounds Multi-floral Mānuka.

Expect this Mānuka to be extremely fresh- our hives located throughout the far stretches of the pristine Marlborough Sounds are accessible only by boat, ensuring the environment around these indigenous Mānuka trees and our healthy hives are truly untouched.

Along with having natural active properties of New Zealand’s famous Mānuka, these incredibly remote bees also forage on Kānuka, a close cousin of the Mānuka bush that scientists are discovering remarkable properties for skincare and medicinal treatments.

Our light Mānuka has a minimum rating of 45mg Methylglyoxal per kg and passes the MPI Multi-floral Manuka tests so you know it’s the real thing. It is deliciously smooth with only subtle notes of toffee that Mānuka is renowned for.