Be Sustainable

Sustainability needs to be at the forefront of every company, and not an after-thought by simply displaying the use of paper bags over plastic or adding it into the companies values.

Right from the start; we know we leave behind more than footprints when bringing a product to market, no matter what it is. So how do we minimize the impact to our environment?
Packaging, from a sustainable planet point of view is a very complex matter; with recycled plastic (RPET), sugar cane plastic (PLA) and glass options being at the forefront of ‘sustainable’ packaging. Unfortunately, New Zealand has yet to come up with appropriate composting methods in order for ‘biodegradable’ plastics, such as coffee cup lids and food packaging to break down effectively, and when these end up in the recycling they go to landfill, where they are likely to sit for 50-100 years plus. Recycled plastic is another good option, as the plastic has already gone through the cycle once and is returned to food safe jars for us to use - a much better option that new plastic, however the concern is around the carbon emissions from this process, plus the RPET comes from across the other side of the world. This leaves us with one obvious choice, glass.

Our glass jars have been carefully selected to be easily recycled by removing the label and simply washing out any remaining honey with a little hot water - or you can reuse by heading to one of our local honey centers and simply refilling the original jar. The glass jar is also the best option for storing pure honey, ensuring quality and taste isn’t compromised by the plastic.