Be Pure

The word ‘pure’ is thrown around on many labels, ‘Pure New Zealand Honey’ and ‘pure and raw honey’ but what does it actually mean? Coke can be pure, oil can be pure… So what is ‘pure honey’.

For us, its about more than just the product being completely unpasteurized and completely raw. It’s also about the environment in which the production starts from. The very beginning.

The nectar of the flowers and the soil it’s grown in, the location of the hives, the bee’s water source and even the products used to treat the bees all comes into play on how pure Be. Local honey really is.

The hives located here in beautiful New Zealand can be so remote, away from built up areas, pollution, and even noise. Fresh water rivers, streams and lakes for the bees to drink from, pure and organic soil free from chemicals strong beautiful botanicas, full of blossom and growing in fresh, pure New Zealand air. You simply can’t beat it.

Did you know that the Journal of Food Science revealed that honey is the third most adulterated food in the World?

Our honey is;

  • Unpasteurized
  • GMO free
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Unprocessed 
  • Not harmfully heated
  • 100% Raw

Know where your honey comes from. Be. Local.