Be Local

In a busy café located in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand- Raymond and Paul sat down to discuss the beginnings of Be. Local Collective.
They wanted to create something for the community, from the community- and promote our fantastic produce that New Zealand is famous for, but do so in the best possible way.

Fundamental principles and values were decided upon in which they thought would be the path forward for all of New Zealand and in particular, honey. After all we have a haven here in our corner of the world, and we are the only country which does not allow ANY honey past its borders, in order to preserve our special environment.
By applying these values they hope others will follow, and such a valuable commodity traded for thousands of years remains viable and abundantly useful for mother earth. Even on a small scale each step in the right direction leaves a footprint of which others can follow.

These principles are;

Be Sustainable. Be Ethical. Be Pure. Be Local.

Each of these principles relates to both production of the finest honey in the world and ensuring our planet and its inhabitants (no matter how small!) are always looked after.