Be Ethical

Being ethical goes hand in hand with sustainability, though in honey we believe it’s important to include this as a separate point as we are dealing with living creatures, who are so incredible important to our planet that we must, must take measures to ensure their survival.

Be. Local Honey Collective produces their own raw honey, and has created an initiative to support small local beekeepers by buying and bringing their honey to market. Hence the name Local Honey Collective. We want this club to be special and represent our values. We only work with beekeepers who share these values. We pride ourselves in being the first New Zealand honey company to put written contracts, purely around sustainability and ethical beekeeping practices in place with our beekeeping partners including regular meetings and hive visits to ensure the contracts are upheld.

Points on these contracts include;

  • Bee health first, honey second.
  • Sustainability of the bees and the environment that supports them.
  • Actively educate their local community on the importance of bees and beekeeping.
  • Place hives in areas where they are not disturbed or can disturb the public. Have plenty of sunlight, be near a clean water source and in areas that are not crowded by other beehives.
  • Regular health checks to be carried out by beekeepers with a good understanding of disease identification and management. Take action to treat hives with diseases like Varroa Destructor and American Foul Brood.
  • Be fully compliant with all NZ regulations and MPI requirements.
  • Reduce and eliminate bee stress by opening in good sunny conditions
  • Minimize the use of chemical treatments and actively encourage the use of alternative organic disease treatments.
  • Create procedures to track and manage the honey process from hive to extraction.
  • Minimize the use of sugar syrup feeding to times that are essential. There is to be no tolerance for sugar feeding around honey flow.
  • Use ethical beekeeping practices to minimize bee stress when honey is harvested

 We care about our bees, our planet and our product- and we are here to prove it.