Southern Alps Honey Dew

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Southern Alps Honey Dew

Honey dew is the newest and most talked about product coming out of New Zealand. 

Honeydew isn't honey in the traditional sense- it's resulted from our honey bees collecting nectar from other insects, as opposed to directly from the flowers.

Our native Beech Forest honey dew, fresh from the Southern Alps has lower glucose levels than traditional honey, meaning it has a soft and silky texture and doesn't naturally crystalize. 

New studies are showing antibacterial levels from the Glucose Oxidase in New Zealand Beech Honeydew often exceeding that of Manuka, and it has been known to contain the highest levels of anti-oxidants than any other New Zealand made honey, including the dark favourites Manuka and Rewarewa. And now it's also known as a natural prebiotic, making it perfect to help maintain a healthy gut!

If that's not special, what is?!

Be. Local's Southern Alps Honey Dew has a delightful taste with notes of toffee, cocoa and citrus.

Why not try our fantastic honeydew today! Perfect over your morning breakfast, in your smoothie or post work out shake or as a drizzle to sweeten up any salad.