Arrowtown School - Introduction Day

Raymond and Paul ventured to Arrowtown Primary school and spoke at the senior students assembly about an exciting new project and looking for volunteers... Boy oh boy- was the response phenomenal! So many bright, young enthusiastic students were jumping at the chance to be involved in some shape or form. 

two thirds of the arrowtown student beehive


The idea is basic, yet brilliant.

The hive ( partly shown here- painted by children from Arrowtown Montessori, Arrowtown Primary and Wakatipu High) will be used in an existing apiary near the school. The students will be able to visit the hive in action, watch the bees waggle and work, help find the queen and learn more about their important roles as pollinators in our ecosystem. 


From there the honey will be extracted, bottled and labelled with help of the students- to be sold at the local markets and in Honey & Cocoa Arrowtown.  

They then need to decide on sale price and marketing ideas to boost their product and ultimately their understanding of business and commerce. 

Ten students showing great interest were chosen to participate, half of which will go on to teach the next generation of year 7's- making this a sustainable and ongoing project! These lucky participants will each design a label with the help of professional branding and designer Bex Coutts- one of which will be chosen to go on each jar to be sold. The labels must include all New Zealand labeling requirements, which will be a great learning exercise, plus they can design the brand, name and utilize their artistic skills.

raymond presenting to arrowtown primaryExplaining bee facts to the students.

At the assembly, all the students took home some wildflower seeds including local Thyme, Borage and Poppy which the bees just looooove- so the honeybees will be making honey with help from the flowers in their very own gardens!

paul helping students dress as beekeepers

All funds raised, will go toward their school camp- and as honey is such a sustainable product, there is no expiry on how long this could last. 

Keep an eye out here, for updates, photos, videos and blogs by the students as they learn the importance of ethical and sustainable beekeeping, as well the task of selling their own, unique and local product.